Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hide it Under a Bushel No, I'm Going To Let it Shine

Oh lands, what a very long few weeks this has been.
Sometime in May, Rae was late for afternoon Playdate. Like her mama, she doesn't much do late, so it had me wondering. I was wondering even more when she finally got there and Michael was with her. They weren't dressed  for a Playdate.
Giddy-Up popped into the kitchen with a big smile and said, "I have a brother."  Well, Michael's sister just had a new sweetie boy, so I assumed they had been to visit and that was Giddy-Up's interpretation of the situation.
Not so, they'd come bearing news of a new member being added to our family.
I think the whole brother thing threw me, as we've been planning for a new girl. I was still confused.

Girl, shmirrl.
Our newest little punkin' had a very rough start, and it took a couple of weeks for him to find us, though he didn't have to go far.
We only had to wait one day after knowing he was here to see him.   
Oh my, I can surely fall very far and very deep in the tiniest bit of time.  I dare you to look into those dark deep pools of eyes and not be in love.

Well, once my little mother hen arrived on the scene, this is where her boy went, and where he's spent a great deal of time since.

We did manage to get a minute or two with him.

Such a snuggly boy.

Love me some baby toes.

He thinks his Pap is very interesting guy.

Soon the crisis was over and he got to come home to an elated Mama and Papa,

in addition to a very excited big brother.

You know there are legal matters to adhere to, so it was necessary to keep things on the down low for a time, but we're so very excited now to let this little light shine.

Even for one so tiny, this old shirt still has it's mesmerizing quality.
 It's amazing what some good loving can accomplish. He's been gaining weight and hitting developmental milestones like a champ.  He and I have great conversations, he coos and smiles all over his sweet face.  See his little cheeks filling out, though I'm surprised as we try to smooch them off.  Which reminds me, Rae asked Giddy-Up if he was going to help her as she was massaging the baby. He told her no, that he was in charge of smooching.

Well, hello Uncle Adam and Missy Bugg.

 Are you my great Granny Wandy? So nice to meet you.
 Well, I don't know what to say, but the tears flow freely when I snuggle this little bundle. I've never been looked at so intently by a newborn, a preemie even,  as this little fellow in my life. I have no small amount of experience with newborns.  He is so alert when he's a awake, and when he's out, he's out.  He is just so precious to us. I thank God for him and  pray that to his toes he'll know the love we have for him and that will surpass whatever comes.

This pictures was taken when Rae brought him to meet my class.  When I first shared the news, one of students declared, "Finally, we've been praying about that all year!"  Indeed.  Praise God for answered prayers.

Thank you for your prayers  and support as we've navigated these choppy adoption waters over the last three years.  For those curious, Rae and Michael will stay active with the agency, where we'd planned on the baby in January, in hopes the money  previously spent will be used toward baby number three sometime in the future.  For now, we are all just enjoying the babymoon with little lovey.


  1. He is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for all of you as I know it is what they wanted so much and they've waited so long. You, too! What wonderful pictures!

  2. My tears are flowing! Congrats to Rae and Michael!

  3. This little boy will never want for precious.

  4. What a beautiful little guy! I'm so happy for all of you. Surely have enjoyed all your playdate pics too; just sorry I've missed them.