Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dad's Day

This is the first time I've been in church on Father's Day since my Dad died.  I had a job to do.  Teach Sunday School and share the love of another Father.  I'm doing a fourteen week study of the Bible.  Today we learned that the Bible is a light.  I took my little electric kits and made play dough that conducts and play dough that insulates.  We talked about how we can spread the light of God's love, or be a hindrance like the insulating dough. I try to use a lot of fun games and experiments, which they enjoy, but I sure hope they get the message of Jesus' love as well.  One little guy said, "I've never  had this much fun in Sunday School before.  Next week is about honey, hmmm.
All the kids were by today.  Buttercup made Pappy a big beautiful card.

I know that, as my mother always says, every ol' crow thinks hers is the blackest, but this child's face, well, perfect.
I like these faces too.  I haven't had a good  picture of the four of them since the Cpt.  went to Boot Camp, which will be ten years ago  next month.

Missy Bugg made a cutest card for Pappy as well.

Giddy- Up fed the big chickens up close this evening.

He is an outdoor boy.

My, they surely do grow fast.


  1. what a great picture of the 4!

  2. All the pictures are wonderful but that last one of Giddy-Up feeding those chickens is just the best!