Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So Soon?

Dearest Spring,
Must you leave so soon.  It seems you just arrived and I have loved you so.

Saturday I picked up Giddy-Up, at the library this time.  As always, it was a fun and busy day.
On the way home he inquired, "Is there a Pap at your house?"  I had to inform him that there was a Pap at work, but assured him he would be home soon.  It is always amusing to me how my gramerlings won't sneeze unless I sneeze right along beside them, but they want a Pap present and accounted for, though it seems he won't do for most activities.  Likely he's bribing them somehow. "You tell Gramerly you want her to go to the creek with you and I'll give you fifty cents."
As soon as we got home Giddy-up opened the freezer in search of circle cream- ice cream.  Later he pointed to the stove and asked me if something was cream.  I wasn't following him, so I just held up various things till I finally picked up the blue can of flour/oil baking spray and he agreed. "No, babe, that isn't cream."  Next he goes to frig, opens it and points to the top shelf. "Is the cream there?"  I said, "Do you mean pudding?"   "No!"  Again, it is May and I'm fried, but slowly it sank in- blue can, usually on top shelf (he forgets nothing), cream, ahh yes, whipped cream.

I've often heard people say that they just don't know what to do to entertain a little one.  Paper, any kind, scissors, glue stick and tape.  What could be more entertaining.  Now, they won't cut where you want them to, and they'll glue both sides of the paper and use way more tape than is needed, but they love the process.  I can't remember who it was that started putting tape in  birthday goody bags, but I've kept a supply of tape for my wee ones ever since.  A lot of bang for your buck in a roll of tape.

He's trying to give up naps, but by 5 was exhausted and fell asleep on my shoulder, ahhhh.  


  1. I can't get over how much he looks like Conner here...my goodness! So grown up now that he's a big brother...

  2. While your spring flowers are beautiful -- that face! With whipped cream and those blue eyes -- so very cute! And you're right about the tape!