Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beware the Ides of March, er May

Ha, March is nothing, but May, May kicks my fanny.
I've probably thought about doing this twenty times, but between the musical, the new chicks (22 of them), the Mother's Day Tea, Mother's Day, an inside the house screaming for attention, an outside garden screaming for attention. Ugh.
So, here I am.

Last year, I saved all the wax that fell off the top bar hive, the cappings we removed before we spun out the honey and the comb created awkwardly that I removed.  That dark comb is stain from the pollen.  If you heat it too hot to melt, you risk losing that good smell .
 So, that very handy, Handy Man of mine built me a solar oven.  All the wax goes in the red pan and all the pollen and dead bee parts stays on top.  You can also bake potatoes in there.
A week ago Wednesday brought new chicks. This pictures was taken at the post office at 7 am.  Most travelled well. I lost one speckled sussex.
Today is Mother's Day and on the back of a lovely card from my sister was this sweet saying-
To those who comfort with a mother's hand,
we thank you,
To those who encourage with a mother's praise,
we applaud you,
To those who love with a mother's heart,
we honor you,
not just on Mother's Day..... always
Indeed!  Happy Mother's Day!


  1. wow!! that solar oven is wonderful. What are your plans with the wax?

    1. I'll likely restock the lip chap, aiding and abetting an addiction of someone I know.

  2. Those little chicks are so fluffy and cute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.