Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Done and Done

Before Bean and Bugg headed south for the week, we had to wrap up these science projects we've been working on for a month now.
They came over Saturday night to put the many pieces together. First we ventured outside in cold wind to spray paint their science boards.
Pap helped Bean put together a tiny model of a Langstroth hive for his display.
 Bugg went right to work gluing her topics to a pretty purple background.  Through the first week of spring break they had worked on word processing each explanation to follow the specific criteria given in the packet.
 Now it was time to put it all together and glue, glue, glue.

As she was gluing she realized she placed the "B" upside down. My little Pollyanna declared, "Oh well, it will just look like it blowed over."  Next she had to decide where to add her tissue flowers and where to put her purple glittery (um, germy)  handprints.
 Then she twirled about and exclaimed, "I LOVE it!!"
 Bean glued and glued and glued as well, but the whole time  said something like, "I hope this is the last science project I ever have to do!"
 We found some adorable wee bees that made the perfect addition to his model of the hive.
Lastly, we practiced presenting.  I am so very sorry I did not videotape Miss Bugg as her presentation grew in boldness and drama each time she did it. Then, as soon as mom and dad walked in, she was a shy little mouse.  I hope she is able to pull out at least a few of those moves in the classroom.
Bean really learned a lot about bees and both of them worked hard on their project.  
Let's just say, I was one exhausted Gramerly at the end of that evening.


  1. Kudos to you for all the hard work with the kiddos! I'm with Conner, though...have to admit I was happy when we did our last science project. Love the pics!

  2. Wonderful pictures and wonderful smiles as always! How wonderful to have a Gramerly that is also a teacher. You have such a huge role in their lives and they will have so many wonderful memories later! WHile I know you love all of your students I'm betting the Gramerly job is a lot more fun than the teaching job! Although the Gramerly job is kind of both!