Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ummm, Heatless Wave?

Was that just Saturday that I was waxing eloquent about a Heat Wave?
 It certainly made a speedy exit and blew first snow and then some ice all over of us in its wake.

Today is the Captain's birthday and he and Ceece had plans to see his favorite performer in Indy and went last night. Crazy I tell ya.
Bean and Bugg were scheduled to stay with me.  There was still a bit of residual snow from Monday,  so they came bundled in fluff from head to foot and

hit the slopes, or what is sloping in my yard anyway. Actually I was surprised at how far they flew with so little snow.
We'd barely cleared the door when the precipitation began and it was ice.  Handy Man was scheduled to work till 5:30, but headed out a little early and got home just before everything froze over.
Missy Bugg wondered what we'd do further for our upcoming Valentine Cotillion and I had a plan.

Everyone's favorite mints.  It really isn't good for me to be home. Next came cookies.

By bed time we could hear limbs falling and I put the kiddos to bed with flashlights for I feared what was likely coming.  Sure enough I woke up at midnight to pitch black.  That was the end of Handy Man's night, as no electric meant no sump pump or heat of course, so he got the coal stove cooking and the generator going.  Long night.
Bacon and eggs by lantern light.
Time to make Daddy a birthday card.
Taught Bugg how to do paper dolls and we  proceeded to bury the table in paper scraps.
Conner found pillow hearts in a magazine and told me he wanted to make that for his class valentines- be still my heart.  I had to have a sad talk with him about handmades and folks.  I told him I loved his idea and would be glad to help him, but first I wanted him to think about something.  We live in a throw-a-way society. Children (adults too) are accustomed to getting 32 valentines for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  Sometimes folks don't understand or appreciate the work that goes into handmades, and sometimes they end up in the same place as the Dollar Tree ones.  I watch every year as students peel off the valentine of it's attached candy and pitch the valentine.  That is hard to see when you've put a lot of work into something.  I shared with him that I personally love, love that detail work and enjoy doing it, but try to give it to someone who understands the care that went into it.

 He did a great job with the blanket stitch.

After many hours of Little House on the Prairie, I was not unhappy to see these gentlemen in my yard.

It is so very pretty when everything is encased in ice.
When they got us up and running, I sent Handy Man to bed for a long winter's nap.

Well, I believe one full of week of Spring Break is officially gone.  More snow expected next week.

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  1. What wonderful photos! Those cookies made me want cookies but the snow and ice made me want to stay where I am! My Dad used to work for the power company in Michigan and this would have been a winter with a lot of nights and overtime. I bet you were glad to see those guys!