Friday, February 14, 2014

At the Valentine Cotillion

We almost made our first full week since returning to school in 2014, but the forecast sent us home early this afternoon. My moms were able to come and do the party early, so I left this week with most everything caught up, another first for this year.
Whew, thankfully our big dance night was on Valentine's Eve, as the forecast was on target and we are again  under a blanket of snow.
For me, party planning is at least half the fun.  The kidlets ordered the party menu- strawberries cut like hearts (thanks SuZQ), parmesan cheese (really?), chips, nuts and pickles. We aim to please. There was also warm soup and hot rolls.

I bought a little cheapy strobe light from Amazon and it added much ambiance.

 Do all Valentine Cotillions include tie flying I wonder?

Giddy-up couldn't decide what was best about the party- balloons, beautiful lights or marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles. I believe the marshmallows won out. After the third time he wandered in the kitchen for another, he told his Auntie SuZQ that he needed one for his mama-crack up.

 Time to do The Twist. Only Joshie might love a party more than Missy Bugg. I told Rae to brush up on the  Virginia Reel and the Electric Slide.  When Giddy-up got there, I asked if had been practicing any dances.  He said, "No, but will you teach me?"  So cute to watch him twisting the night a way.

Then a costume change before doing the Limbo some more.

The kidlets are all sporting beautiful knitted heart necklaces from Gardner E.
It was a fun way to spend a wintry evening. Just before bed, I checked my e-mails to find a sweet note of thanks from Miss Bugg.
Hmmm, what next?


  1. What fun! I really wish we could come to one of your parties as I know Amara and I would have a blast. She and Miss Bugg would have so much fun playing dress up -- something that at 10+ she still hasn't outgrown! Yeah!

  2. boo! silly work makes me miss all the fun. Lilli told me there was going to be a strobe light but I didn't believe her. PARTY TIME!