Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day

Well, Veteran's Day seemed a bit out of my reach this year, as I continue to have the energy of a fallen autumn leaf, I was having some pretty serious anxiety over pulling it off this year.  Last Friday's rehearsal was a little less than stellar. Yesterday, I came home believing I was never going to be well again. Kind of sobby. Thank God for new days.
 I've barely been able to keep Phil and I fed and certainly did not know how I'd manage the breakfast. Basically, I just finally threw my hands up and prayed that the Lord would bless our efforts, and it would be what it would be.
Well, owing to a Handy Man, industrious students and willing hands of parents and friends, daughter-in-law sending soup that I could actually eat, it came off without a hitch this morning.  Though sausage and I have not made up, and I had to sit on a stool and stir, they ate it all up.  Whilst I've typically walked about greeting Veteran's, I again returned to my stool after the program, and many of them came to me with the sweetest things to say, always making me grateful we made the effort.
 July's chubby ol' Gramerly
 Saggy Baggy Gramerly who is now 15 pounds down on this three week Food Poisoning Miserable Excuse for an Adventure. Which is a total of 27 pounds since my doctor appt. last February.  Not exactly how I planned it.
 That, however, is one handsome soldier boy of mine.  How joyful to have him here for Veteran's Day this year.

So grateful for all the check-ups, house help, soup, and popsicles and prayers. Grateful Ceece's mom came through heart surgery successfully.

Today has been my best day.  I actually fixed Handy Man a complete and tasty meal and ate a couple of tablespoons of all it.  Moving on up.


  1. what a great picture of you guys. Im glad the soup helped and thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts!

  2. I am so glad you are on the mend. I know you wanted to drop some weight but I know this isn't how you planned to do it. Please feel all better soon!