Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Normal is Nice

At last, the day I begin to doubt was ever coming-Wednesday marked my first fever free day in 25 days.  Yipee! Thank God!  So that meant Playdate was on for Thursday.  Uncle Tim graciously provided pizza and Aunt SuZQ supplied the carb coma.
Mostly, they wanted to play, but we did break for a little Thanksgiving crafting of Gobblers.

 Bean  tied knots in the thick cotton string that hangs down in the cup. So wonderful that he's getting old enough to be my helper. Pappy helped too.
 Miss Bugg followed feather cutting directions to a "T." Then for the fun of wetting and pulling the string to make this bird "Gobble." You have to love that face.
 Even brides need a turkey.

 Last time Bean was here he rubbed the kernels off the Indian corn we didn't use for decoration.
He found another little tiny one and when I told him it was actually a popcorn corn, he wanted to try and pop the whole tablespoon full he got off that tiny cob.   Having taught Indiana history for years, I know a thing or two about popcorn from teaching my students about two Indiana popcorn icons, Orville and Cousin Willie.  We've studied all about how it has to be grown and picked at the exact right time for the moisture to perfect, then stored to maintain that moisture.  I told Bean since we followed no scientific protocol for this corn at all, I had no idea if it would pop.
As is usual, I put in some coconut oil and two kernels, it got hotter and hotter, but nothing happened, and by this time Bean and SuZQ about had their heads in the pot, when low and behold, they popped, and nearly scared them both to death. We put in the rest, and every kernel popped.  Cousin Willie would be proud.
 Bean ate all but this handful.  Teeny tiny popcorn.
It was so nice to have them gathered round the table.  I was worn out when they left, but my heart was full and content.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better and what a great way to celebrate it then with a play date. Love the popcorn. I remember growing it for a science experiment when I was in about 5th grade. SO much fun!