Monday, September 9, 2013

Hunger Games September 9

Well, at least I didn't shove Handy Man off the scale when he said, "Hmm, I should get my glasses, that can't be right."  I looked. It was right- 24 pounds. So, he's arrived. 5 weeks in and he has no more weight to lose.  My grand total is now 7 lbs.  Good grief.
Handy Man did admit that he misses potatoes and his peanut butter and crackers with his coffee on break.  Which break is that Handy Man? The one before or after the popcorn cooked in orange fat with orange seasonings?
I realized this weekend that I wasn't up for starting over with the meals I've already cooked. I've never been a "meatloaf every Tuesday" kind of cook.  Back in the day when I made month long menus, there weren't any repeats.  So I perused the Internet for some time to see if I could find something appealing we hadn't eaten.
I found a recipe for roasted red pepper soup with smoked gouda. Another that caught my eye was stuffed mushrooms. I remembered that I hadn't made the wings that have more of an herb base in awhile.  I also refreshed my memory on how you are supposed to fix those Miracle Noodles made from Japanese yams that have no carbs or calories.  I figured I hate them and rank them right up there with the protein shakes. Off I went to a different store and a health food store and returned with all the goodies.
Well, as is usual for me, the wings were wonderful, as was the soup.
So, the experts ( a gal who says she's eaten 300 lbs of these in 297 days, wow) say to rinse the noodles with water because they have a fishy smell. I knew this could be a problem for me.  I love a lot of different foods, but I'm very picky about some smells and textures.  Okay, I got this. I opened it under running water while dumping them in the colander. Just a whiff, not bad.  Next, you spray a pan with oil spray and dry fry them.  Hmmm. This I had no experience with. The closest thing I could remember was following directions to fry the stuff in the Rice a Roni box, which was about a hundred years ago.   So, I rinsed, shook and tossed in the T-Fal skillet. When you do, you get it  cuz as you stir them around the water evaporates.  Apparently, when you've done this a few minutes and they are dry, you just add whatever makes you happy.  I had already sauteed garlic and onion in butter with some seasonings. I stirred this in and added faux crab, tossed till the fish was warm and served. We liked it.  I will try it with some other things. It was very filling.
Sunday was a shower with a table of cookies, cake, mints and punch.  It's still hard.  And it is frustrating, embarrassing actually, to have to think about how you are going to keep sitting there and not mess up.  I hate that I give food so much of my attention. Even though I know exactly how it would work for me. A piece of cake wouldn't do it, I'd need a cookie and then a mint every time I walked by the table. What's funny, leaving without touching it, which I managed,  doesn't make me feel good, just frustrated.
Overall,  it leaves me grateful that sugar is the worst thing I've hooked up with, it's quite enough thank you.


  1. ". . . sugar is the worst thing I've hooked up with. . ." That made me laugh out loud. Yes, we all have our addictions, and if sugar is as bad as it gets, we're ahead of the game.

    So sorry to hear of some of the trials in your life. In light of everything that has been going on, a 7-lb loss is nothing short of amazing!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I can use it.

  2. freaking pap!
    and good job on the loss, it's more than I have lost! ;-)

  3. I know you aren't having any fun but pat yourself on the back for hanging in there. 7 pounds is awesome!

    1. Oh sister, you are so right. This is like another full time job and so far from fun. Thanks for the "atta girl." It helps.