Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hunger Games and More September 22, 2013

Wow, today is my 34th wedding anniversary.  That is a long ol' time I tell ya.  No big plans as the Handy Man is at the lake with the Captain, who has returned safely, thank the Lord, from training.
The Captain brought home souvenirs of blood blisters on his feet as big as tea cups, which I do have a picture of, but it's kind of awful and perhaps best left to your imagination, ugh.
I came home last night. As I left Pap and Bean were headed down the gravel lane to the water, with their fishing poles. A very Andy/Opieish moment which caused me to again regret having left my camera at home.

Miss Buttercup celebrates her fifth birthday today, though yesterday was the actual day. Happiest day sweet girl.

Aunt Lois is currently in Hosparus having her needs fine tuned.
Enjoying a marshmallow at a Playdate cookout the end of July.
 Oh my, very sad.
 There is a song I always sing to her that she wants sang at her service, by me.  Well.  I have this friend who sings and sometimes records things, so I asked if he could play it and sing with me and we could record it, so I wouldn't actually have to stand up in front of anyone and sing it under such circumstances.  I clearly didn't know exactly what I was asking, or would never have had the nerve.  Anyway, love his heart, he first had to find my key, then worked at playing exactly like I was accustomed to, which he accomplished, I had no trouble with the background music at all.  Next was to record him playing, then record me singing, blah, blah, blah.  Gee whiz.  Anyway, this microphone reminded me of old pictures of live radio shows and, thanks to prayers and the comfort of old friends, I didn't end up being nervous at all and it is done- hurrah!  Thank you Pastor D.

Rae-rae and Michael continue to have endless decisions to make on this adoption journey and would I'm sure appreciate prayers.

Okay, the Hunger Games.  It's been two weeks since I reported.  Handy Man did not lose weight last week. Of course, he doesn't need to lose anymore weight.  But this past week found him without the need of any reflux treatment.  That is a biggie, as he's used something, most every day,  as long as I've known him. He isn't here this morning for weigh-in, so I don't know about this week.  Finally, I've reached the ten pound mark.  I try my best to picture ten pounds of butter sitting on the table and feel like I've accomplished something, but it really doesn't work.  This business, in our world of food, so much processed, is just daily and like having a baby, needs tending all the time. You just can't stay with it without it being on your mind all the time. I dream about it.  I'm a bit weary of thinking ahead and planning every bite we take.  I knew I would have a couple of treats for my birthday, so I did. Right back to square one of that starving feeling, thinking about food non-stop.  My goal is to press on to Thanksgiving.  Take a break, whereby I continue to do low carb through the day and have a carb or treat with supper sometimes, as it will be the season, then return in January.  We'll see.

 Oh my Joy!
Watching all my boys play and work at the lake property.
Watching my happy go lucky Bugg find joy wherever she be.
Giddy-up's prayer this week. Remember, "f's" are "h's" in his language.
"Bess all dees pieces of whood (food)."


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Buttercup -- what a sweet picture. Happy Anniversary to both of you, too! Sounds like you have had a busy but very rewarding week. Congrats on the loss of the 10 pounds of butter!

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