Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adventures in the Land of Giddy-Up

Oh, the wonders of a two year old boy.
When Ceece and Ol' Mother Hubbard were expecting, I was wishing for girls and a little disappointed to learn there would be no pink on the horizon.  Then Bean and Ol' Henry arrived and I thought they were absolutely the biggest hoot and most fun that could be had, so when we learned each family anticipated another addition, I surprised myself by wishing for boys.
Now, I don't worry, because I know it won't make a bit of difference either way.
I've never understood how the saying, "Terrible Twos" came to be.  Forever, my favorite stage was ten to 18 months, but while I love the chunky, toddling, sweetness, two has become my mostest favorite.  
Giddy-Up spent the day with us yesterday and was a delight all day long. He is fully verbal, it is done, and he has a lot to say about a lot of things.
When I e-mailed Rae earlier in the week to say I was excited about him coming she replied,
Gideon is excited, too. Though I asked him if he wanted to play in the creek,he said, "No, I play with mines mixer at gram-lee's house. Might be loud.I play with powder and Arie." 
I met him at the library and we began our day at the Lego table. He was so excited to find a "hish" tank there with lots of "hish."  When we came out to leave, he surveyed the parking lot and asked, "Where's Pappy's car?" He remembered that Pappy drove him home last time.  I had to share the sad news that Pappy had to work and we'd need to use my car.
Pappy did leave him a wee gift, however and he couldn't wait to drop all the capsules in the water. He knew all the colors and can count them as well.
After finding his favorite tractor, the wagon, Tomater, a helihopter and a car, he enjoyed pretending with them in the kitchen floor, then he was ready to powder all those items, so play moved outdoors.
After powder, he requested his mixer and rice. My, that is quite a blender full of goodies.
 Soon it was time for lunch and rest. He snuggled right down in his crib and not another word was heard for two hours, until a little "Gram-lee" came over the monitor.  When he came down, Strider was checking out the interesting kitchen disaster on the front porch. Perhaps in all the flour, beans, and rice, some tasty morsel was hiding.
Giddy-up said, "Stay here. I don't like Strider. He will eat me." Now, as you might know, I assured him that Strider would not eat him.
 Mr. Giddy-up is a sensitive little guy and if you give him time, he'll try most anything, but he's not going to be rushing into it.  After standing there awhile, watching the pooch, he decided to go out after all.  We followed Pappy to the garden and first he disliked the weeds poking him and dirt getting in his shoes, but it was just a few minutes before he  wanted to be right in there with his Pap.  Later I told him to tell his Mama what we did in the garden and he replied, "Dug the Legos."  Mama said, "Legos?"  obviously surprised that I had planted Legos and that you could get them to grow.  He smiled big and said, "Tatoes."

 Next he spied a flower spot and wanted an orange one. This picture brought to mind my favorite definition of a boy- "Noise, with dirt on it."  Apt description for true.
 Ohh, then a big pink one. I took this picture in front of this corn.  I have never seen such ginormous corn.
 Then it was time for a Popsicle (blue) and a bath.  He did not recall the bath foam from last summer and at first I just put it on the tub, but in awhile he and the girl, the foam, two paper cups, a car and a tractor entertained themselves for an hour.

Such a chunk of sweetness.

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  1. What a wonderful day! and he is just a chunk of sweetness -- between that grin and those eyes... oh and those cheeks! Very cute!