Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Games

For the past several Wednesday nights, Bean has had to leave early for soccer practice, which leaves me with Missy Bugg for an hour or so. Bean doesn't get all the time he'd like in the swing, or with playing with Gramerly, which is sad. I do though love the time one on one with her. Tonight she wanted to play games. She is a real puzzle/game girl. I reviewed about a million games trying to find some good ones. I must confess-I am not competitive, and not a big game player. I've searched high and low to find a few I could stand to play over and over.

This is a favorite. A tiny bee sits atop the hive. You spin to determine which color piece you push out without knocking over Mr. Bee. I usually deliberately lose all games with wee folk. Yes, I'm aware that is not teaching them about real life. I think they get enough real life at daycare and in the classroom. I don't feel like they need another dose from me. This game though I frequently win. The reason, if I knock off the bee, the action stops and it has to be set up again. However, losing is tempered by the fun of watching all the pieces fall and go clanging about. It also gives me an opportunity to pat Missy Bugg on the back and remind her that being a good winner is easy, but being a good loser is a wonderful thing indeed.

This is a pretty silly little game. Bet you can't guess why it tempted me. Bugg is happy with the simple matching color game.
Tonight was the first time we pulled out this Bible matching game. She was pretty good at it. She wanted to know the story to go with each character. So this will be a learning game too.

Rae-rae came over on Saturday and Pappy and I took turns holding the boy while Rae and Michael watched a movie. Gideon is still having a tough time with his reflux. I got out an old chair that I have. I hoped since it keeps them sitting up so much, it might be a good spot for him. He faded right off and slept for a good bit.
They are still trying one thing after another to get him some relief. Hopefully her blood is built up enough, because she is going to try to go off all her iron, in case that is the culprit. Poor little guy.
He is a sweetie.


  1. I frequently let the grandkids win, too, but with some games it's not easy to do! I'm a fan of card games--not so many pieces to keep up with, no board to get knocked askew. Besides playing classic games with a standard deck of cards, we also like the card games by Gamewright, particularly Dweebies, Uglydoll and Slamwich.

  2. I don't know those games. I will check them out.