Sunday, March 13, 2011

Journaling- LONG POST

Recently a blogging friend asked grandparents if they were keeping any grandparenting records in writing. I shared about paper bag journaling. She hadn't heard of it, so I said I would share mine.
Later in the week will be the specifics, though you can probably figure it out yourself. Then I was invited to share a devotion with the women at a church who's leaders and people are dear to my heart. My topic was "Thankfulness." I brought all the supplies and together we made a Thankful Journal. Today, when I was capturing some pages of these little paper bag journals, I was again reminded of how thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to love these wee folk God put in my life. I am blessed!
This journal would be four brown paper lunch bags folded one inside the other, in different directions.
My hope is that some far off day, when Bugg or Bean is feeling low, they can look back and remember how very much they were loved, just for being who they are!

I dressed up the books with scrapbook paper, ribbons, a "C" charm and stickers.

After I got the journal together, I slit the folded bottoms so I could stick something in there. This is a visual of the whole Dolphin Swing experience. Folded onto the bottom of the first pik I have of him in the swing is a letter I wrote to him and Lilli about a swinging experience.

Here it is unfolded.

This is folded up and put back in the slot.
For the opened ends I wrote about other experiences, laminated them and slid them in the opening.

Back it goes into it's slot.

This picture pinched my heart so hard that tears sprang out of eyes. Just turning the page brings that day back so clearly in my mind. I made a big mud hole in the garden and let Bean and Ol' Henry at it. Such joy! This page also sports my favorite boy quote. " The definition of boy: Noise with dirt on it."
I intensely dislike having my picture made, so I include this here to say to all those who feel the same way, "Just do it." You oughta be in some of those pictures. Also, I think Handy Man Pappy is so handsome here.

Missy Bugg's.

Our little five pound princess snuggled in 1st Lt. hand.

This contains a copy of that same letter that is in Bean's swing pictures.
I take a lot of pictures. I know your surprised to here that, so by far, the hardest thing for me, is deciding which ones to include. I like this journal because it just isn't as involved as a scrapbook, but I really captured the highlights that I want them to remember.
We have bluebird boxes. Ever desiring to stir in them a love of God's magnificent creation, and our responsibility to it, I give them at up close look at the bluebirds. So, we've been doing that now for years, they are still just as enthralled. I knew swings, mud, gardening and bluebirds had to be included.
Every year I'm thankful for yet another opportunity to share, to teach, to love, and I'm thankful I can leave them a record of the experience.


  1. These are just wonderful! They will be so glad to have them later in life!

  2. These are beautiful! I can't wait for the detailed instructions. Yes, I need step-by-steps!

  3. What beautiful journals. They will treasure them someday.

  4. Four bags I got. Puttin' together so they make pockets, I don't got. You have to show me. I'll want to make some.
    I just love they way you write.

  5. Thanks all, a tutorial will be coming. My camera is here and my supplies at school, so I'll get it all together and get it posted soon.