Saturday, February 5, 2011

High Tea at Auntie SuZQ's

La, large weather we're having son! This has been a crazy day in Indiana. We've had some rain, some snow, some ice, some sunshine, and some hail today. See the little tiny ice balls sprinkled all over the sidewalk? But, I was warm and cozy at Auntie SuZQ's for high tea in celebration of Miss Linee's third birthday

Is it beginning to look inviting?

Well,we need some accoutrements.
Come on in.

You must add a little tea drinking princess.
Happy Birthday sweetest dumplin'.


  1. What an amazing spread! It looks like a tea party in a children's book, those wonderfully iced teapot cookies especially - just beautiful. And the princess couldn't be a drop more exquisite, could she. She looks delighted on her special day, and rightly so :) x

  2. She is so cute! And what a wonderful celebration.