Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Showers

Today I have a baby shower on the agenda. Along with the invitation came a notice of registry. I am a registry adherent. There is such unbelievable variety in what is out there, so I it just makes sense to get what the person wants.
Today, I didn't.
Babies and books just seem to go hand in hand for me. I daily see the difference in children who have been read to and talked to at length. There are a million books out there these days. Aren't we blessed? There are a few though (um, actually a few dozen), that I think no book reading mommy and future book loving baby should be without. It's painful for me to cut it down to just a few, but I managed.
I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy has such bold, contrasting pictures that babies love looking at it. I use my best quacking voice when I read, and the affect are those deep, belly laughs that are such sweet music to a Gramerly's ear. We delight in giving endless smooches to our babies, so it seems a perfect choice.
Wild Child by Lynn Pourde, is another favorite. I read this book to my Gramerlings, my fourth graders and my college students. Kids lives are so totally full these days. It is rush to this and rush to that. I love the notion of opportunities for them to live in the moment, carefree for a time. This book has wonderful illustrations and interesting vocabulary. It's quick and easy and great for making connections.
The Water Hole by Graeme Base is another that I use in a plethora of ways and that children love. You could spend a good deal of time just looking at one illustration and talking about it. It's a fabulous book for onomatopoeia, habitats, water cycle, conservation and my absolute favorite counting book.
Again, choosing from so many "favorites" is challenging, but this is a good start for a first library I think.

Kaye is home, not feeling well, but home. The UTI is thankfully not a stubborn variety. The dry weight Pete had for her going into dialysis was wrong, therefore he wasn't taking off enough water. Hopefully, that is easily remedied. She has another black toe tip and they roto-rooted her artery again in hopes of encouraging blood flow and healing. Bless their hearts.


  1. Now, don't laugh at me, but Boynton's Snuggle Puppy is one of my very favorites. When you read it, you do this kind of verbal soft-shoe, and there's a lot of interaction (including kissing) between reader and read-to. Funny, I spent so many years collecting picture books - mostly for their loveliness and art - but when it comes down to it, our Little Golden Book Where is the Bear? is still one of the dearest and first choices at the rocking chair.

  2. I'm not laughing even a little.
    Oh dear, I don't have Where is the the Bear? I'll be checking that out you can be sure. Thanks.

  3. I've recently started giving books for shower presents. I sign my name inside with the year. I have some books that were signed to me and some that were signed to my daughter, and they are infinitely precious to me. Why give an outfit that will be outgrown in three months? Give books instead.