Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Fun

Lest you think I spent the entire holiday cleaning, I will share some traditional New Year's Eve/New Year's Day fun. When the first gramerling came, Handy Man and I became the official keeper of gramerlings on New Year's Eve. This year we had Bean and Bugg. We've celebrated with a sleepover every year of their wee lives. I can't believe it's been seven New Year's.
We inherited a new train table, so Handy Man and Miss Bugg put it together on the the front porch, since we were having an unseasonably warm sixty degrees. Bugg told me she could do the screws, because she was the best puzzle maker. We worked on "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey" which came out of my four year old in lots of variations through the assembly experience. She is really good at this kind of thing.

It was warm enough for a long swing time with tall tales of wolves and bears. This night for science, we experimented with the stuff in disposable diapers, grew an alien and invisible cubes, with lots of measuring. We watched movies, ate popcorn and fudge and stayed up very late. Bugg fell asleep in my lap. I love that.
Do you have a traditional New Year's menu? We always have corned beef, cabbage and black-eyed peas for good luck. Don't you wonder who starts that stuff? I decided I'd start my own blessing gems (gramerly made powdered sugar donuts) for breakfast. After breakfast we departed in our jammies and boots to the pine forest to collect cones for bird feeders.
We discovered a bird's nest blown out of the tree. We at first thought we discovered fairy beds of piled-up pine needles in one of the trees. Bean investigated further and realized the pine needles were camouflage for a different nesting spot.
We returned home to take down the tree. Bugg enjoyed helping and looking and cooing over all my sweet angel ornaments.
Time to make the bird feeders.

Out they go on our re-purposed tree.
Between the flu, cleaning, loved one's having surgeries and being hospitalized, and oh, yeah, Christmas, Cluckingham Palace had been sadly neglected, so out to the coop, still in jammies and boots, armed with shovels and clean bedding, to clean-up our chickie girls humble abode.
Gee, I always clean-up every week. Now I know why- what a job! Bean and Bugg stuck with me though and we got it done.

Ahh, time for some fun on the awesome new jeeps!
By the time my co-celebrants headed home, I was exhausted. It was a Happy New Year!

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