Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Dance /Mourning Song

Yes, a Happy Dance this morning when I was able to accompany my daughter to her 28 week ultrasound. The last time I attended an ultrasound was Jakee's and he's nineteen. Together we learned that we are expecting a boy. He will be named Gideon. Ol' Mother Hubbard was ready with a beautiful crib set- for a girl. Rae-rae is looking at this set for Gideon. I love the little forest animals. It will be fun and dangerous to now know what we're expecting. Too much cuteness out there for baby boys.
My faithful friend Gardener E, took over my classroom this morning so I could go.

What do you see nestled in the back corner of this picture? My pooch, Galadriel, though we've always called her Addie. She's never been a lap dog, but has always been happiest wherever I am. She was fourteen in November and has become hard of hearing and seeing. Then she developed a cancerous tumor. Things have gotten progressively worse and today I put a call into the vet. Let's just suffice it to say that today has been awful, with worse symptoms then I anticipated. When we got home Handy Man dealt with the floor, while I bathed her and laundered her bed. I wrapped her in a towel and sat with her in front of the heater while her bed was drying. She has not eaten for had anything to drink today. My heartfelt prayer would be for her to go to sleep in that cozy bed and not wake-up. It's just awful.
I'm glad the week started with a good distraction, as the rest of this week appears to be going downhill fast.

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