Saturday, April 24, 2010

Twenty Six Long Miles

1st Lt. completed his very first marathon today. Way to go son!
This my first also, as a spectator, of course!
I've been trying to walk a couple of miles a day in preparation for our vacation. We're going to DC and I want to be able to walk as far as I need to walk.
I haven't been walking on weekends though, because I'm too busy hauling chickie poo, planting, hoeing, weeding, digging etc. I ended up about 15 blocks from the finish line today, so it turns out I had a nice little stroll after all. It was breezy and overcast, so good weather for walking.
Hmm, is that my boy in the long sleeved blue/gray shirt right in the middle, behind that first row coming in?
It is him! Woo hoo, look at you Mr. Marathon Man.

You did it! Across the finish line you go!

Do you remember when you could go to meet loved ones at the airport and walk right up to where they walk off the plane? It was quite an emotional place to be. Marathons are kind of like that. People yelling, screaming, crying, waving. Wives joining husbands, husbands joining wives, kids joining parents to run with them the last block. Teams and couples hauling it in, hand in hand. I think I would have been glad to be there even if one of them wasn't mine. But one of them was, so I was yelling too!
Looks like the marathoners just missed some mighty nasty weather moving our way.
Now, I'm off to see the third graders from my school make their First Communion, and my Michelle pose for prom pictures.

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