Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breathe a Little Easier

Kaye is home with a new port, same place.

I suppose no matter how good she looks, or how things appear to be going, I'm always on edge where Kaye is concerned, because plainly speaking, she's just medically fragile.

When I get a phone call like yesterday's about a failed port, and no dialysis until something was done, I despair, going places in my imagination that I don't want to go.

Lots of tears and feelings of, "Please Lord, don't let this be the start of another long hard road."

When she was in Jewish last year, and they were concerned that the port had a bad bacteria, they did tests to determine the best place for another one, and found no other good spots. So then I have visions of surgeries and respirators, then I can't get my breath.

This problem was with the actual port itself, not the site, so they just took the old one out and put a new one in. Wheww, thank you Jesus!

She is on track for getting the permanent fistula in her arm.

I enjoyed seeing my daugter-in-law's new office and studio-so exciting, before running back home last evening to put the finishing touches on Bunco.

While gathering some bouquets, I did not realize I had so many different kinds of daffodils.

And a sweet surprise. We lost a big old lilac several years back, but a few shoots started growing a few feet from where the old had been, and I just let it.

I turned the corner in my daffodil hunt yesterday and there the tiny bush was, in full bloom.

Ahhh. I love me some lilacs!


  1. lovely bouquet! and THANK YOU so much for the Dr. Pepper, it was exactly what I needed! :-)

  2. Your welcome.
    I hope it stirred up some business. The open house, not the Dr. Peppper.