Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Textures and Babies

As soon as the weather gets really cold, I start thinking about knitting.
These colors and textures were so dreamy-delicious, I couldn't resist. I love knitting with such soft fluff. I think I knit for an excuse to feel the yarn.
Rae-rae has a blue and white vest and a green and white coat, so I knitted the pastel one for her. The other one reminded me of a friendship I have. My friend being warm and soft and steady, and me being all those wild things poking out everywhere.
It appears I liked having babies in winter as well. I always dreamed of May babies, but reality proved different when my first was born in February, and my second and third during an horrendous ice storm at January's end. It doesn't seem possible that my babies could be 27 years old. How in the world did we get here so quickly.

Every year since that were tiny little red curly tops, I've taken this same picture. Makes me a little teary. They've grown into such beautiful people that I am so proud of. Happy Birthday Drummer Boy and Rae-rae.

Drummer Boy ordered a cake made with mandarin oranges and pineapple. Rae-rae wanted a chicken dish she had at a fancy restaurant on her anniversary -chicken stuffed with Brie and rolled in pecans, topped with a raspberry sauce. So, along with that we had roasted asparagus, Texas style potatoes, green beans and homemade wheat and pumpernickel bread. Tasty. Best of all, I have enough for supper for my Kaye Night.

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