Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Traditions

Buttercup passing out New Year schmoochies.
When the first grandboy arrived, Handy Man and I settled in to spend New Year's Eve as the babysitters. On New Year's Day, we added another tradition to the cook a meal with cabbage and blackeyed peas. The dedecked tree went outside of the window to hold yummy treats for hungry birds. We started this in earnest when Bean was 17 months old. I didn't really think he would much care at first, but he did. He rolled the buttered pinecones in the bird seed and everytime he came all winter he would want to see it. If a pinecone fell off, it had to be replaced immediately.

Miss Bugg thought it was kind of icky.

The tradition lives on. The birds appeared appreciative.
In the palace, we fixed the lights to be on when the sun shines, so if the girl's wee biological clocks were in need of slowing, they could. At the same time we turned on two heat lamps, because it is so very cold here. Today, we got 17 eggs from 18 chickens, so it doesn't appear they are ready to slow down any. They still want out. I'm thankful we've at least had warm sunshine. The girls tolerate it about two hours before heading back to warmer ground.
A friend asked if I would share a devotion with her ladies group this evening. It was such a nice time. Here's to a brighter New Year!

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