Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movin' On Up

Kaye has improved drastically in a few short days, at least in the cognitive ability department. I don't know what it is about taking someone out of what's not familiar(the hospital),then going back to what is known, but the change in her was amazing. She was sitting at the table when I came in. She asked for and ate a couple of bites of chicken and fed herself some bread and managed her drink fine. She noticed everything, and I could understand a lot of what she said.
I said, "Hey, what is up with you. On Saturday you weren't doing anything at all."
She said quite emphatically, "I was sick." I said, "Well you surely made a miraculous recovery."
She still is very weak and can't help much at all in being moved around. Pete decided, after having to move her from the bed to wheel chair, to restroom, to car, out of car etc, eighteen times on Monday, one of which left her sitting in the parking lot (on the ground), to get a van with a lift. Handy Man and 1st Lt. went and saved them on Monday. Handy Man went back today to help Pete get her to dialysis, then Pete was going to get the van.
Pete was trying to justify his need for the van to me. I told him he didn't need to explain himself to me. I would be much happier knowing he had some help. I just couldn't imagine how much longer he would hold out physically. I was waiting for a call from the emergency room that one or the other of them was hurt bad from a tumble. Hallelujah for vans with lifts.
Someone else moved her while he first went to look at the van on Tuesday and Pete thinks she broke a rib. She moaned and cried every time we moved her last night. Handy Man said she winced today, but didn't cry out. So I rejoice in her improvement, and I cry all the way home over her helplessness. Some days a diamond, some days a stone, some days I can't tell the difference.

Mom still doesn't sound too good. It takes so long for her to get over these lung ordeals.

I picked up Bean and Bugg today. It always amazes me how little it takes to entertain wee ones. Bean said he'd heard of people using pots and pans and spoons for instruments and he wanted to try it. So, we enjoyed quite the spontaneous, rousing drum ensemble from the two of them with intermittent dancing and song.

My current favorite Bugg story. Bugg asked her daddy his favorite color-over and over and over. Finally, after running low on color choices, 1st Lt. said, "Turkey!" Bugg said, "Daaaaad, turkey is not a color, turkey is a Lunchable."
Gramerly said, "She is her mother's child."

Well, Handy Man Pappy has been home all week spoiling the chickie girls rotten. He is trying to butter them up to lay eggs earlier. What he doesn't realize is they will be totally depressed next week and wonder what happened. Poor girls.

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