Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rained Out

Handy Man worked all morning last Saturday to create a perfect spot for the Woodland Fairy Ball in the deep dark woods, but alas, it rained.
A little rain didn't prevent the appearance of beautiful fairies and yummy treats from the woodland realm.
This year, the littles were adorned with a prince or princess cape and crown.  When the crown went on they disappeared from our eyes, and could only be seen by the fairies.
Our Sydlee is growing up and retired from Head Fairy, to Fairy Supervisor. Those woodland fairies can get a little rowdy.
While the fairies were preparing, Pap hauled the boys on a cavern trip.  I'm getting my old camera fixed so I can have one to send on those expeditions that don't include me.  I know I need to learn how to put phone piks on the computer- one day.

This is all fun and games and a good time, until we start making them up and doing their hair, and it looks more like prom night and I can't figure how we could possibly have gotten here this quickly.

 Hmm, can I remember?  Were these fairies named Muse, Art and Color this year?
 They entertained with stories.

 It was a magical time to be sure!
 Of course, you have to feed the supervisors and chaperones.

Now I must bake some bread for Holy Hikes this morning and get on my way.


  1. Love the pictures - amazing how much they have grown. More beautiful every day! You are lucky to have so many and they are lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you. Going a little too fast.