Saturday, July 30, 2016

My "Wayside" Gramerling

I got a phone call this week.
One I had expected, but just not what I wish was necessary to hear.  One that has had me tearing up but again and again. For a bit now, Rae has been certified to offer foster care for a baby and has had the nursery ready for sometime.  Circumstances have left a littlest bit of girl baby with need of a that nursery.  So your heart, for a wee person I had yet to meet, breaks just a little, knowing the need this baby has.  Then your heart rejoices that there is a safe place for her to land in this upheaval.
We jump in, knowing she needs cared for and loved up for a moment? a few days?  a few weeks?
It is no small thing is it, to give the best of yourself to someone who is leaving you.

I don't know why but the notion of "waysides" came to my mind.
Once I had the fun opportunity to help create all the flower arrangements used for  Oaks Day and The Kentucky Derby- flower heaven.  The young lady who won that contract named her company with "Wayside"  in the title. As we worked, I asked how she chose the name.  She reminded of those little wayside pull off's along old roads to where ever you were going, before interstates came through.  I do remember. Sometimes there was a picnic table and trash can.  As a little flower child, she loved to gather whatever was growing in that little side by the way.

 I've always loved that description and isn't it ever more lovely than the negative definition of "fallen by the wayside."

I am just the mom to the foster care provider, but you know I want to be the Gramerly to this little one.  So, I will grandparent in this wayside moment  the best I can.
We would love your prayers for all parties involved.

I got to visit this evening and enjoyed grabbing a couple of summer clearance items on my errands from this morning to bring.

This girl of mine is excited to have all that pink in the laundry.

She was a little bundle of coos and wide grins for her Wayside Gramerly and Pap.

And almost as smitten by her brothers as they are with her. So sweet to watch them come running with her blanket or pacifier every time she made a sound.
On the way home we were driving through quite a rain with the sun glaring at us through the windshield, then a beautiful rainbow.  All is well, God is nigh.


  1. Just love the way you photographed this - very touching. How wonderful for this little one to have people like your daughter and son-in-law to welcome her into their home. How wonderful that she has you and Pops to be grandparents to her. I can't imagine how difficult it will be when the time comes for her to leave - but enjoy her while you can. What a wonderful thing all of you are doing.