Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Wild Times

Well, Mr. Bean made it to state finals in swimming in Indy. We hadn't anticipated that, as he just moved up to another age bracket. I planned to go on Saturday, but sadly Glenda's son-in-law died on Tuesday and his memorial service was Saturday.  Lucky for me, I have some dear friends in Indy who welcomed me so I was able to head that direction after the service and stay overnight. I watched his event on Sunday morning.
I so enjoyed  having some time with friends and an opportunity to have dinner and visit with their sweet girls and families. Too long since I had seen the grandchildren, each one as dear as the next.

And what about this littlest bit. 

Tonight at dinner, we heard a very big, loud noise. The neighbors tree fell across the road on the garage. Have mercy and thank you Lord, that it happened just twenty minutes after my little and big sweeties were right there. Handy Man wasted no time hauling out the chain saw- music to his ears.

 Then it was time to haul the limbs to the wood pile.  Great to have helpers, huh?
 Mr. Smiley had seen Pap and his Papa roll two big logs across the road, so after wrestling this limb half way up the hill, he stopped and said, "Roll!"

 Well, that isn't all I've been up to, but that's enough for now.


  1. what is with the trees there? glad no one was out at the coop, or their might have been someones pants to cleanup as well!

  2. So glad that tree didn't get anyone! Can't believe how big Mr. Smiley is getting already! Time flies.