Friday, January 8, 2016

Not A Good Sign

Not a good sign when I've been back in school for a week and still haven't wrapped up Christmas.
Yesterday before I got home, Handy Man put the final pieces in the Christmas puzzle.

 That is all that remains of this Christmas past except for the kitchen tree.
So, Christmas Eve, Tish and SuZQ and I cooked a bunch of stuff added to by different ones as they came to see Mom.
The social center on her floor is just outside her door, and you can  reserve it, so Christmas Eve at Granny's went on again.
Mom wasted no time in trying out all the good food.

 Most all of the kids made it for a visit.  I got Laurie Lou's crew, but was detained, probably playing the marble game with the little ones and didn't catch Amie and her group.

 There was some picking and grinning.
 And this little one was all about the dancing.
When my little brother got married, the Captain was two and all dressed up in his suit jacket and short-alls. He danced (jumping straight up and down on the floor ) to every song, till I wondered if is little legs were going to just drop off.  Later I said, "Son, you danced and danced!"  He gave me an odd look and explained himself by saying, "They singed and singed." They did at that.

 All of my chicklets were there as well, but since I've already posted all of them and theirs, they won't be repeated on this post.
Turn around twice and time to clean up the mess.  Mom was worn to a complete frazzle.  As I mentioned earlier, Handy Man and I headed to mass.  So very beautiful and peaceful.

Thank the Lord for another  Christmas Eve with Mom and most all of our people big and small.

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful and it is so special that everyone is able to be with your Mom -- and how wonderful for her that she has so many people that love her!