Saturday, March 15, 2014

Playdate Catch Up

We had a mini Playdate a week ago Thursday, before Giddy-up's big school day.
Those gramerlings of mine still want to go to the creek the minute it has stopped being frozen over.  The problem is, no matter how much we talk about it still being very, very cold and not a place for feet, something inevitably gets wet.  Oh well- the rites of spring, might as well get her done.
It began with a little bobbering.

While creeks are high on the list, note the residual candy scrap on his lip.  Giddy-up's first job when coming to visit is to find where there might be some interesting bit of sweetness.  This week it was malt ball Easter eggs, yummo!

Next, rock throwing, followed by a slip and wet bottom.

 Once the cold settled in, Giddy-up was ready to move onto to warmer activities.
Well, if you are already wet, might as well jump in a few puddles.

 "Pappy, you did NOT just throw a snowball at me."
 When the wet pants come off, no more go on until pajama time.
 This time it's Bugg's turn to play teacher and give Giddy-up the finer points of using a tablet.

 It's also that time of year when Missy Bugg's hair is as red as it will be before it  again lightens in the sun.  I love those springy curlicues which are simply glowing in the this picture. Add to her Punky Brewster sense of style and she is just all kinds of cute.
And this Sunday past I enjoyed a highly unusual event.  The Captain had the family for dinner and it wasn't even a holiday.
Do you remember back in the day when you routinely either had someone to dinner, or went to someone's for dinner?  That cultural practice seems to have sadly declined in my world.
Now that face doesn't look too excited does it?
Well, anyway, it was also unusual for me as it was my first time ever to taste burgoo.  He was following up tradition and using up the last of winter stores with venison, squirrel and rabbit.  It was quite tasty and the wee cousins, played and played.

So nice that Bean willingly takes such good care of the little ones, like helping Giddy-up with his shoes.

Then playing some baseball.

A lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday.


  1. I just love coming and reading your posts! You are so lucky to have so much cuteness in your life -- so many of them! I was noticing Missy Bugg's hair against that blue couch before I even read your text -- it does look amaing. Glad things are starting to warm up at your house. It has sure been an ugly winter for everyone back there.