Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"Sew, a needle pulling thread."
As I said, I like doing small handcrafts. I love Salley Mavor's Wee Folk and started making them a while back. I love making them, but what do you do with them once they are made?
I proudly showed them off to some women I used to hang out with and they kind of looked at me like I'd grown three heads. About the same look I get when I talk about Lord of the Rings.
I'm happy for the Gramerly's to play with them during inside calm play, but they won't hold up to being shoved in little pockets, or left in the rain. Then I discovered felting and loved those wee animals too.
Cute, but not durable either.
Then I found pocket lovies on a blog, a mixture of wool felting and embroidery, and tried my hand at those. I love making them, but they won't really hold to to rough play either.
My gramerlings have this need to take something home from here every time they visit. I wanted some little something that would hold up to imaginative play, but not cost so much of my time that I would grieve it's loss.
Enter The Cuter Book. Oh my, I can't stand it. I want to make ten of everyone of these little cuties. After some careful consideration though, I decided to make several of a few of my favorites that I will name and tell stories about. They are perfect for pocket stuffing and will survive a fall in the creek and a good wash.
This littlest blue bird is only about an inch and a half long. I need to rework Itsy Bugg a little. I followed the pattern, but her head is too big for my liking.
Any name ideas?


  1. I really love all your little creatures and I envy you the patience and the eye sight to do them!That wee fairy in the first picture is just priceless! Amara would have you name her Lily as she names everything Lily but her wings really do look like lily petals (my favorite flower!)

    Maybe you should open and Etsy shop!

  2. I stopped by to ask you if you are on facebook at all because I just recently joined a group of Indiana bloggers and remembered you too are in Indiana. I am a felt fanatic and make toys as well. Here is my etsy shop also understand the looks that you may have seen on your friends as well since I too love Lord of the Rings and am excited to see the Hobbit when it comes out!!
    My name suggestions might be earthy ones like Willow or Elm or even Fern...that's how my mind works haha=)

  3. KC- Lily would be perfect, and those are lilly petals, but that name is taken by Miss Bugg. I love lillies of all kinds too.
    Hopewell-Wonderful felt creations! Yes, I've already engaged my grandson in Hobbit lore. He's reading the book and calling every thing he loves his precious.

  4. Gramerly,
    Adorable little critters! My new creations will be bunny, dovey, chick, maybe a pip and squeak lol
    I always loved your Easter trees each year!Our neighbors tulip tree is in full bloom already! Spring is in the air!
    My name suggestions for your new pals are
    BBH = Bluebird of Happiness or call it "Baby Blue"
    Monkey - "Tree Boy"
    Dog - of course, "Spot"
    "Matilda" for your new girl

    1. Love, love those names. Hey Tree Boy. Sounds like something Tigger would say huh.