Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Fun

In spite of the rain, the fried turkey came out perfectly and was devoured.
I changed ol' Henry and Bean into play clothes and the rain did not seem to interfere overmuch with their outdoor play.
It was a fun time.
I do a lot of great art with my students and my gramerlings (with some amazing help from a couple of retired teacher friends). From time to time though I will purchase kits from Oriental Trading Company for a fast and easy project. Anytime I get one of those e-mails for ten bucks off and free shipping, I go merrily through the clearance section and load up on some extra cheapy fun doo-dahs. My last adventure allowed me to get this little cardboard nativity for free.
I have ever been smitten by the whole nativity picture. The extremes we go to at hospitals to have everything completely overseen and hygienic is crazy (you know to just get mersa or c-diff, or whatever they are called). Trying to put myself in a stable for that event stretches my imagination to the limit.
There is an Over the Rhine song that says, " I want to speak with the angel who said to not be afraid, I want to kneel where the oxen knelt, where the little child was laid." I love that lullabyish tune, and it reminds me that I too would like to have seen that wee babe. So I have ummm, quite a few nativity sets of all makes and models. But I did not have this one where you can just plunk your ownest self right in the middle of the scene. I actually bought it to use at school. I thought the kiddos would think it fun to have their picture in a nativity, but the urge to bring it out at Thanksgiving was too strong. Let's just say the day ended quite joyfully!


  1. These pictures are priceless! I like Oriental Trading Company, too. When you have 7 grandkids, you can order inexpensive crafts by the dozen and often have enough for a couple of days of play, as often one or more grandkids will be missing.

  2. Thanks. We surely enjoyed getting them made and they've brought lots of smiles and laughter since.