Sunday, June 5, 2011

Work and Play

I've been doing a lot of both the past few days.
Handy Man was on vacation this week, so we've worked long and hard in and around the house. I sent him off to camp a couple of days last Thursday morning. I drove down in the late afternoon with Bean, Bugg and Miss Raina in tow. Lots of tree climbing, river wading, mud slippin', s'more making ensued, along with a bit of fishing. I left Bean with his Pap, carted Raina home and brought Missy Bugg with me.
It was dark by the time we got home, and I found Little Red Hen and Ruby in the back of the coop, completely bum-fuzzled as to how to get through the wire to their roost. Umm, girls, there is no way through the wire, you have to walk all the way around to the front- no deal. So, I had to climb over various large garden implements, tuck a girl under each arm, climb back out and deliver them to the front door.
Missy Bugg needed a bath to wash off the river and some sticky gooey s'more remnants. Then she needed a few stories before passing out cold. I don't think she moved a single time all night. She was exhausted.
After playing a couple of games the next morning, we took a stroll around the yard to find the bulbs she had planted and admired how much they had grown. We were walking around the front of the house when she stopped by the porch flower bed and exclaimed, "Pastas!" "I just love Pastas!" I was seriously confused for a second before I realized she was referring to the Hostas.
She and I headed back to pick-up Bean. I dropped them off with Aunt Leesh, then drove south to see baby Gideon. He is so smiley, playful, and cute when his little belly isn't hurting. Rae-rae and Michael actually left him for an hour to have some supper. The boy and I journeyed out to view the plants and trees and feel the warm breeze. Then it was bath time with lots more smile and giggles. Finally, jammies and a snuggle. His first babysitting experience was a big success! Snuggling babies just doesn't get old.
Today we add two new members to the menagerie-stay tuned for pictures.
A shout out to Ceece the Brave for finishing the Warrior Dash! You go girl!!!