Friday, June 24, 2011

The Big Dog Dilemma

You've met my dog many times in these posts. I felt so very blessed to find her. She's been a wonderful pooch. From the time the chickie girls go to roost at night, until we are home the following day, Arwen lives in the big pen in the back. It's a huge space where she can run and dig, rest and play. We have never seen evidence of even a tiny mouse in or around the coop. Her first summer, I would put her on a leash and walk the property line. I had hoped she'd get the idea of where she was supposed to be. Sadly, a time or two, she travelled across the street to a neighbor. Said neighbor apparently has a thing for my pooch and takes her for walks around the pond and feeds her constantly. Consequently and sadly, my now chubby girl thinks the busy road, his house and property are also under her domain. I am not too much for conflict. If it weren't for the road, I'd share my sweet dog for the sake of harmony. Alas, there is a road. One folks walk on and drive on. Needless to say, my fierce watchdog gives walkers the business. This is not usually a problem because most walkers know her and know she's just warning them. They stop, smile, let her sniff, another friend made. Recently, someone was not amused by her barking and kind of lunged at her and she lunged back, so I'm told. She did not bite, but it is frightening. Recently, if Handy Man or I are not in the yard, she goes on the chain, in the shade with treats and water, but still. It hurts my feelings. I'm back to walking property with her on the leash, but she's no fool. If someone were waiting across the road to love on you and give you lots of treats, what would you do?
The way the creek runs, there's no way to fence her in. Anyway, I wanted her rolling and peeing all over so the deer and other critters keep their distance. So, the dilemma.

I have been slow to introduce Merry and Pippin to all the creatures great and small around here. Over the weekend, we introduced them to Arwen. She was fascinated, and as usual, well-behaved.

Pippin decided it worked both ways and wanted to check her out as well.
Sweet girl.

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  1. OH! That last shot especially is just to precious!