Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ummm, another ridiculous amount of pictures. Goodness, we have some busy Playdates.
Last week, while reading at SouleMama's site, she had a visiting blogger that had a tutorial on making your own hula-hoop. Well now, I thought that was pretty neat and something I had never tried. So I trotted down to the Home Depot in search of poly pipe-nothing. I shared my despair with Handy Man and he was on a mission, but, alas, neither our little neighborhood hardware, nor Tractor Supply had the required poly pipe. Next, I complained to Pete, who ran to the Ace Hardware and all supplies were found!
First we distributed the pipe. Nine feet for the little ones, ten for the bigger ones. Next, you dip one end in hot water and push in the connector. If you want a noisy hula-hoop, you have to add some beebees. Then dip and connect the other end.
If you are Baby Boy or Baby Gideon you just entertain yourself with a little tea party, or some lovies.

Now for the first round of fun-decorating your hoop with electrical and duct tape in a variety of colors.

A few flower blossoms adds to the prettiness, don't ya think?
Now, who is the best at hooping.
Big Al did it in his usual dramatic fashion, while Matt-Man barely moved in his stoic way.

As is typical, some had more trouble than others, but most stayed with it and worked hard.
Little Miss Linee was cracking me up. She had those hip moves down pat.

Bean just got better and better-love the boots.
Turns out it was worth all the fuss and bother and much fun and lots and lots of movement was enjoyed by all.
Still to come-tea parties, frogs and a visit from Uncle Jimi.


  1. What adorable pictures! My daughter and granddaughters are into hooping. Never thought of making one though.

  2. Certainly NOT to many photos -- what would you have left out? These are great and it does look like everybody had a blast -- especially love the boots!

  3. It was a fun time. You should try it!

  4. Too cute! I have one granddaughter who is a Hula-Hooping fiend. I'll have to show her how to make a special hoop.