Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time for Tea and Frogs- Not Together

My mama decided to part with some little keepsakes that long sat in a huge picture window with many shelves. This was a house and a few years ago. She told me to take them for tea parties. I did. They were much enjoyed throughout Playdate. Aunt SuZQ brought some spearmint tea that was equally enjoyed.

Hey Ms. Shell Mabelle, what did you find this time?
Whoa, three of those big tad-frogs.

Baby Boy is again thrilled, only this week, they are tad-frogs, not crayfish.
Annabelle was so tickled holding that slippery tad-frog.
The kids so enjoy the creek catch and release. While they watched during Playdate, the tad-frogs last appendage separated from his body-fascinating. At first he only had one arm and two legs, but we sent him back with four working parts.
Baby Gideon is mostly amused at all the chaos. He loves being outside, but it's time to say, "So long!"


  1. Precious pictures. My grandson would love those tadfrogs! And my granddaughters would love the tea party.

  2. Growing up in Michigan I was very much a tom boy and loved playing with tadpoles! They certainly aren't something you see often in Southern California so I will certainly share the photos with Amara!

  3. My grandchildren love catching tadpoles. Unfortunately, this year we've had such a drought that the ditches and gullies have been dry. I hate to think what this is going to do to our frog population.

  4. Yes, I think tad-frogs at all stages are the bomb! It's interesting, because the girls and boys both seem to enjoy the frogs and the tea time festivities. Ohhh, sad about the drought.

  5. Hi from jillian.I am Shari's granddaughter.I love the tea party. All it takes is plastic food and "fake" tea to entertain five to seven yer olds.How many grandchildren do you have?