Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Knew?

You might remember last spring, the fabulous Handy Man made me yet another raised bed. I had grown a few strawberries from seed and wanted a contained place to grow them. I think I managed six successful plants. I also grew a lavender from seed, so I put that in the bed and grew lettuce, spinach and parsley in the remainder.
Not a bad stand of lavender from a teeny tiny seed they took for-ev-er to pop out and grow.
Last fall, I planted lettuce again, for a fall round. We never had an autumn. It was dry and ninety until it wasn't, then it was winter. I thought that was a waste of good seed. The seed thought otherwise, wintered over and popped out with the spring sun. I didn't get to use much of it still, because it was wet and cold until it wasn't. We didn't have a spring either, so much of the plants bolted right away. No problem, I'll let it go to seed and try again in fall.
Today, as I was putzing around, looking at each garden plant on the chance there was a change from when I looked last night, I spotted this sweet little purple flower blooming in amongst the strawberries that I didn't recognize and was sure I had not planted.

Upon closer examination I discovered that the little beauty was blooming on the lettuce plants. What a delightful surprise. I began checking around and found several more.

My lettuces in the past have only had yellow or white blooms. Who knew?

I do love me some sweet garden surprises. How does your garden grow?


  1. Oh I wish it grew as beautifully as yours! Mine is lovely in its way, but terrible overgrown and weedy at the moment. I had no idea lettuce flowered at all, less still that the flowers were such sweet ones! If Cicely M. Barker had seen them I'm sure she'd have created a flower fairy for them.

  2. I found the same flower growing from my lettuce. Can you tell me the name of it. Also I would like to use the seeds for next season, but I cant seem to find them?..did you harvest the seeds after the flowers are gone?..thanks