Sunday, June 19, 2011


Don't fathers come in all sort of interesting shapes and sizes. I am privileged to love and know so many fathers.
I have sons who are fathers, along with two brothers, several brothers-in-laws, cousins and friends.
I always enjoy being an observer to their fathering.
I have such a clear memory of Bean's first belly laughs, and of 1st Lt.'s laugh in equal measure and declaration, "That is the best the sound in the whole world." For someone who never cared a fig for wee folk, I stood by smiling when a four pound red head wrapped him right around her little finger in beat of her heart.
Watching Drummer Boy swing BJ and telling me he positively knew there could be no cuter baby anywhere. Hmm, I remember a boy that might have been that cute.
Michael sharing the stories he's been reading Gideon since he knew he was coming.
Pete, who stands in prayer and unconditional love for his own, though the road has been so very challenging.
A nephew-in-law who goes like the energizer bunny, though he's my age and has four busy, busy children.
And then there's my Handy Man. I know there's a host of folks out there longingly admiring the grass on the other side and perhaps some have good reason. Not me. If he loved more, cared more or tried more he'd be perfect.
Let's not forget my Heavenly Father, so merciful in blessing me and future generations with all these fabulous examples of wonderful fathering. I am grateful.
Happy Father's Day to all. There is no more important job in life to do well!

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