Friday, June 24, 2011

All Things Kaye

I have not posted on Kaye in a good bit. Not because there isn't a lot always happening, but because there has not been a high crisis situation. When there isn't a crisis, I get a lot of my information second or third hand, so I'm always a little unsure what's what. Since I'm off, I'm able to go once a week again on a regular basis.
Pete was successful in getting the new type of dialysis at home and she seems to be handling that pretty well.
Her circulation continues to be a problem. She had a toe removed a few weeks ago, then a nail and now there is a new problem. At first, it appeared they would be removing more of the foot. Now, it seems that the vascular surgeon would like to try an oxygen chamber, where she'll have to be by herself for two hours daily for a month. She flatly refused.
As anyone would be, she is most weary. I don't have the ability to convey the sadness I feel for her and for Pete as they just put out one fire and another pops up. Pete doesn't want any part of her taken off, but when it's causing pain and risking horrible infection, something has to be done. But to have to be hooked up to dialysis multiple days and week, and then think of another daily procedure-have mercy. She can be very, very difficult when she doesn't feel well, and bless her heart, she mostly doesn't feel well.
So, she and Pete are happy recipients of your loving prayers.
Also, so many needs today. Two friends are hospitalized in Indy, Big D and Papa Bear, for cancer treatment. I'm headed up there today to give their wifeys a hug. In addition, a little baby several weeks early due to Mama's rough road with toxemia. We'll keep praying on.


  1. Bless you and your family. I send you prayers and best wishes.

  2. Keeping you in my heart and sending you a big hug for strength.

  3. Thank you. Prayers and wishes and hugs, though they come through the netherworld, are always sweet!