Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Long Summer Playdates

Oh, a sweet sad day, our last playdate before I return to work tomorrow. Here Miss Antebellie is decked out in her finery right down to one pretty sock. Time for a little dancing and spinning.
You turn around twice and they grow up and take over your job. Miss Raina read one of her favorite books, I Ain't Gonna Paint No More in her best southern accent to a captive audience.

Since the big creek is still too high after the monsoon, the back creek had to do. Here the boys are reliving a WWII island attack while Raina is providing hand hewn rock for the battle.

This was pronounced the coolest bug in all the world, at least for today. Later, when most everyone had headed home, Bean said, " What in the world am I going to go without my friends. I don't think I can live without by best friend, Ol' Henry." I know Bean, it's sad.
This is our beautiful ivory-girl Kate, who spent all summer helping me chase wee ones on Wednesdays. Bless you sweet Kate!
Now it's time to say good-bye to all our blogger friends. The wee ones would like to thank you all for kindly stopping in. Your all invited back next week to this locality, but we'll be off to school and stuff, it came too rapidly.
School and stuff, books and bags, bells and work- awww, shucks!

I fixed the crew spaghetti for lunch. I was getting ready to pitch what wasn't eaten and remembered it was whole wheat and tomatoes and took that to the chickie girls. They devoured it, along with some ends of tomatoes and cucumbers. I am so delighted to feed it to them instead of putting it in the trash-fabulous!
I made a new recipe called Cucumber-Tomato Bread Salad and it was delicious!
If summer must come to an end, then it did so perfectly, when a little Bugg of a girl was play-dated out and fell sound asleep nestled on my chest in a front porch rocking chair. A sweet memory I'll pull out when winter seems long.


  1. oooh I want some cucumber-tomato-bread salad! all thats missing is a little cheese. haha.

    I love that picture of everyone on the log. Just wonderful. Bean told me that Bug crashed there today and I figured that it made you about as happy as could be. Thanks for the great summer for the kiddos (and help for me!)

    much loves.

  2. and i can also see why Bean talked about Kate all the time! ;-)

  3. I love those outdoor reading sessions. How wonderful!

    The kids are gorgeous. I also love the picture of the log children! lol Those rubber boots are great, so colorful and perfect for stompin'!!


  4. And with all the rain we've had, they've done some major stompin'.