Sunday, August 2, 2009

On a Happier Note

I was at the hospital with Kaye on Friday evening and Saturday. Then we were invited to a friend's for a lovely evening of yummy food and enjoyable friendship. Today was Bible Study and Bean's party, so I have had no time with the girls. Handy Man said I really needed to take a look at Princess Cheeky as her cheek feathers had really sprouted. I laughed right out loud. Isn't she so cute?

When I ordered the chickie girls, I purposely ordered all girls, but they only guarantee them to be 90 percent hens. Apparently, telling the girls from the boys is not an easy job. For a poor untrained soul like me, you have to wait until they crow-or not. Other info says the combs and wattles are usually larger on roosters. Below is a pic of one of our Andalusians. Most of the chicks are like her, just starting to show a comb. Below are two, Callie Lou and Princess Sheila, that have much larger combs and much bossier behavior. For fun, I included a baby pic first (only 8 weeks ago).
Between Cheeky with no comb and Snow Queen with only a little, you can see a big difference.

Oh, you were so cute Callie Lou.

You were cute too, Princess Sheila.

Then today, they had a face off. Craned their necks and strutted at each other. Then Sheila bowed her head to Callie Lou as if to say, "I give."

So, what say you- roosters or hens?

We can't include barnyard babes without a picture of Arwen, who here still resembles a puppy.

Ummm, then she stands up. It doesn't change the fact that she's a puppy, but she is one big girl.

Ceece and 1st Lt. had a great party for Bean. They invited the Bubble Bus. The weather was perfect and all the kids had room to roam with stuff to do. Even Baby Boy and Great Grandma and everyone in between had a good time making bubbles.
1st Lt. commented on all the parties I did for them as a child and how he realizes now the time and energy I put into it. That was sweet to hear.
It was a happy day.


  1. It really was a beautiful day out! So glad you all were able to make it.

  2. Cheekey is very pretty. I love that orangish feathering around her neck.

    All of your birds look very healthy. Does the dog want to chase them? We have to be careful with our retrievers....they're wanting to retrieve. Or worse. lol