Friday, August 28, 2009

More of the Same

Kaye is improving ever so slightly. The bacterial infection in the kidney mutated and became resistant to the antibiotic. She will have to be cathed daily regardless of output. In addition, the med she received for her muscle spasms has not yet been metabolized. Lastly, a med she has been on for her stomach causes the muscle dystenia and diminished nuerological function, so they've removed that and in its place one that causes other problems-yee haw! They are also removing the dilantin and I can't remember why.
She is trying to whisper "yes," and "no," and opens her eyes. That's about all.
Someone mentioned to me recently about why I was still at work when she was, for all intent and purposes, comatose in the emergency room. Everytime I get such a call, I want to run straight there. I know though, that the liklihood of another such call, and then another, is more likely than not. I have to work and while it is very anxiety producing to be here when she is there, I don't really feel I have much choice. I also feel horrible when I can't be available more for Pete, but with working full time, it seems hard to do what I already do. It's just hard.
So, some improvement for today.


  1. ... I have been calling Pete w/o an answer so I finally checked your blog.... so glad I did.. I feel so bad for Kaye and much can a body take??

    Kimberly your strength and faithfulness is amazing... Kim, and when you feel so torn about not being able to be there all the time for Kaye.... keep trusting WHO is in control.. I am praying for all of you..

    Thank you faithful sister for all you do... (God is taking notes and loving what He see)!!

    Brenda Shelton

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words-always so helpful on a road such as this.