Friday, August 7, 2009

The Life of a Shirt

What might you ask is Baby Boy's fascination? Why the colorful geometric shapes on my shirt. In a strange and unusual turn of events, I happened to find a couple of shirts that, as it turns out, can't be worn out. I've entertained all the babies you see here with this very shirt. I picked them up at K-Mart. I seriously think it was eight or more years ago. They were colorful, soft, comfy, and if I remember correctly, on sale for less than five dollars. Two of the ones I bought that day have long stood the rigors of too many play dates to count. Paint, pudding, icing, and some other stuff I won't mention, washes right out. I've never had a hem fall out and there are no worn spots, snags or holes. Don't ask me, I can't explain it. Sad to say, I've had too much of a different experience of something not making it whole through it's first wash. I am amazed.
All the babies have been intrigued by this particular one, so I wanted to be sure and capture our latest addition's interest. Sure makes for easy entertainment.

Kaye came home from the hospital on Wednesday. We were all a little disconcerted by the digression of her speech throughout her hospital stay. Tonight, she talked as well as she ever has, and talk she did. Pete was getting an earful about her feelings on the whole in/out cath situation. God love that man. He needs to be awarded an honorary nursing degree. Stomach tubes, picc lines, caths and injections, there's nothing he does not do now. She was in as good of shape as I ever seen her after a dialysis. She did not complain of any pain, thank the Lord. If we can just get these antibiotics finished without them causing something else, we'll all be happy campers.

Back to school for me this week. Transitions are never my strong suit and there are lots of changes at school, so I'm very happy it was only two days and the weekend is here.

Happy birthday Ms. Courtney Paris photographer, daughter-in-law. I hope it's been happy!

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