Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday evening I spent with Kaye and she was doing pretty good. She and Pete had a busy week, with allergy testing and going out to eat again a couple of times and of course physical, and speech therapy and dialysis. She ate quite a few different things this week, including eggs-good news.
I guess Pete usually moves her to her recliner, then fixes up her antibiotic at the table, and she hasn't ever seen the process. On Friday, her serum came from the allergy results (I think we're up to 25 or 27 meds now) and Pete needed to figure out the doses, so I started the picc line antibiotic procedure. She was still sitting with me at the table. She knew Pete was working on her allergy shot, and then I got out the syringes with these giant needles you use to inject into the sodium chloride and she about lost it, thinking I was going to stick that in her. Bless her heart. Even still, it is two more pokes for the allergy shots(teeny, tiny needle), another pill and nose spray and she's so weary of all that. I think we're down to 14 days with the picc line meds, so hopefully, she'll get to say so long to that pretty soon.
Sue and I traveled to Florence, Ky to see my aunt and uncle. I took the camera because Uncle Berry was so terribly bad off the last time I was there, I wondered if this would be the last time I ever saw him. He is 95 and Aunt Lois is 89. What a happy surprise to find them well, getting around better than I've seen in a couple of years, and looking forward to their 75th wedding anniversary in December. I just think that is so cool. I love this picture, as it captures the way they still joke and carry on as they have all my life. She can hardly see or hear and he can't hear, but they still cut-up. Aunt Lois has always been just like a grandmother to me. She's the person I inherited my messiness and craftiness from. I wish she lived closer because I would love my grandchildren to know her better.

I returned from Florence in time to meet Rae Rae and Michael and Ceece at a new Mexican place on Frankfort Avenue for a pre-concert dinner. Rae Rae bought me a ticket to see one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine, for my birthday. It was a yummy dinner, but the best part was the lemon cupcakes Rae brought, with lemon butter cream icing, topped with blueberries. The just photographed one you see is no longer with us. In the words of my precious, precocious grand-girl, " Dee-wish-us!"

Here are Karin and Linford singing beautifully, as usual.

Well, the mystery is solved, Callie Lou is a rooster. I came out Monday morning and opened the back door of the coop and what did I hear, " Errr, Errr,Errr, Errrrrrrrrrrrrr! Handy Man Pappy says it is pretty pitiful, but I informed him that it's very early for crowing and surely the sign of the superior intellect of this rooster. Something in the water here, as my gramerlings suffer from this as well (superior intellect, not crowing).
I was trying to capture in this picture how some of his feathers are becoming show-offey gold, unlike the hen Orpingtons. Being a rooster and all, he wasn't very cooperative.
Everytime I mentioned to anyone last year that we were planning to get chickens, I always got one of two responses: "Ohh, my grandma had chickens." or "Chickens stink!" Well, my chickens don't stink. Yes, they poop all the time, and if you're standing right there you can smell, well, poop, but then it fades away. I actually like cleaning out the coop, and the deep litter method is working well. I scattered Sweet Annie in the pen and hung some up in the coop that makes it smell even better-good times.

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