Friday, July 4, 2014

Into the Deep Dark Woods

I don't remember why our little woods earned the name, "The Deep Dark Woods," but that is how we refer to it.  Giddy-up has frequently asked for a trip through the woods, but I've put him off all summer. A trip through our woods was fairly frequent in our early Playdates, but the awful ground bee experience has ever made me squeamish. In addition, Lyme disease has moved into our area, so there are ticks to consider.  I decided trips to the Deep Dark Woods would require feet totally covered, socks, long pants and shirts.  Well, the Playdates have been hot and humid, so no trips to the woods.

Handy Man has been off this week.  This has been more of a resting vacation, interspersed with activities that need doing like deep cleaning and painting. Still, I wanted to get a away somewhere, even if just for the day.  I wasn't having much luck figuring out a destination when I came across some info on a  forest not far from here that I haven't visited in  years and years.  So yesterday, we headed out to Bernheim Forest.  I knew I wanted to do it yesterday because some weird cold front moved through and the high wasn't supposed to reach 80 degrees.  Well, I couldn't, in good conscience, enjoy all that beauty without a little wood sprite who had been begging to go.
A very special day that reminded me of a "Yes" day a few years back. The day was practically perfect in every way.  I don't think a boy could have been more impressed with God's creation.
Can you see a boy in there?
Of course there was much collecting of birch bark, Kentucky Coffee Tree beans, and rocks of all kinds.

Ahh, so here is the Deep Dark Woods at last!

Woo Wee, a wooly moss beard on this old tree, perfect for rubbing.

As he walked over this stump he said, "Look, a star, only this part (pointing to the right) is missing."

 Gramerly's favorite find of the day, a so tiny toady frog.

I don't know why, but he found Pappy napping on the picnic bench quite hysterical and knew Pap needed a little tickle bee visit.

Such a cutie boy.

He had pulled himself all the way across this prehistoric creature's back.

What we have here are ice cream cones. One for me and one for you.

Lots of art work from natural products around the woods.

Wow, so very much to offer and such beauty. Where have I been?  Thank you Lord for the magnificence of your creation, and joy of seeing it afresh through the eyes of a three year old.

I must say though, a co-worker and dear friend hasn't been off my mind.  Her 20 year old son was in a horrific accident on Monday and is still in ICU, facing many surgeries and very long recovery.  Brandi and Garrett and their family continue to need and appreciate our prayers.

Wishing you a safe and joy filled holiday weekend.

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  1. Wow. It sounds like that would have been a perfect day and it really was made even better by a three year old! Those smiles of his would melt any heart! So glad you had a nice day. Happy 4th.