Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Happy Place

I love watching little kids play outside.
 The world is so very full of sad and hurting people and I am an empathetic kind of gal, so seeing so much sadness, could keep me very sad.
But watching all these little ones run and laugh and dive into all sorts of activities lightens my heart.
This picture isn't quite in focus, but you get the idea and I believe I was smiling as large behind the camera as he was in front of it. I can't help it. He is the CUTEST BOY EVER!

I'm serious as all get out when I say he's been doing this for weeks. Can you believe he is only nine weeks old.  Doesn't he look like he's much older?

He was being entertained by a new to him cousin, Prince Al,  that was able to get out for a bit on Playdate, much to the delight of his devoted little groupies.

They'd predicted a boogery 94 degree day, but it never got much above 80 and there was fabulous breeze all the day long. Thank you Lord!

When you say creek, they all come running.
Land's I think Sydlee grew a foot this summer and has been such a sweet friend to Giddy-up.

We saw evidence of visit by a raccoon. 
Found a couple critters we haven't seen before.

A leech, ugh.

And a wee water sprite who can't get her fill of mulberries.

And that, that was just morning.

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  1. He is so very cute! I want to feel his soft little fingers grip mine like in the 2nd picture! So very sweet -- so glad he is now part of your life and vice versa!