Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Red Lips

So, this Playdate past, the special afternoon event was Klub Kimby.

The Klub Kimby Porch is open for business.

Step right up and get your nails done-

Your hair chalked-

The kidlets take painting themselves up very seriously.

And this vision inspired us to break out into a rendition of "Age of Aquarius," don't ya know?

Then all the ghouls, I mean guys and dolls took a break for story time and snack.

Then they dressed up in their fanciest for a Ball in the living, where it was cooler.
The cash register was  utilized for the admission charge and then the proceeds were used for dollar dances when the Ball morphed into a wedding reception.

 And what did Mr. Smiley find most fascinating about today's events?  Why his own tiniest toes, that's what.


  1. OMG! Those pictures are all priceless - possibly your best ever! What a good time they all had. Picture #6 has to be my favorite!!

  2. i looooove that everyone, even the boys, participate. sorry to have missed this playdate!

  3. Oh MY! So FUN! JK is worn out at day's end!