Thursday, July 17, 2014


We will back up to earlier in the week.  Yesterday's court experience was so sweet,  I just couldn't wait to post. So many have been so invested in that adoption, I was anxious to share the joy.
Monday was joyful day too.  
Geodes are the fascination this year and the Sunday storm swished out the swamp water in the creek, 
and washed in new treasures

and a new critter to observe with his interesting saddle bags.
 In the afternoon my artist friend stopped by to do a clay project with the kidlets.

 Later, when I asked Swee-Tea to tell Gwanfader what we'd been doing, she said, "Pottering."  I like that word.
Our story at snack time were two oldies, but goodies. After seeing the butterflies in the illustrations...

 we wandered to the blooming marjoram in the garden to observe the dozens of flying insects enjoying the nectar.

We enjoyed a visit from our sweet friend Kate, 

who frequented Playdates once upon a time, 
 but as sweet girls do, she grew up and is now expecting a future Playdater of her own.

Once again, a little one who has long enjoyed the dolphin swing is anxious and pleased as punch to introduce Missy Toddles to the joys of swinging.

I don't know how he could be three and already old enough for pushing the new baby, but time does go on.


  1. That is the best smile ever in that last picture! Even in the summer time these little ones are having so much fun learning! You are sure a special Gramerly!