Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Day in Court

Another beautiful and unusual perfect day in the Ohio Valley for July.
Perfect in lots of respects. Today was our day in court.  The day Mr. Smiley received the Judge's signature on the official document. It was such a sweet time.  The bailiff, judge and lawyers were so friendly, and were about as happy as we were to see this adoption through.  Bean and Bugg got to sit at the table with Rae, Michael, Giddy-up and the star himself.

Waiting for the lawyer.

 Mr. Smiley was certainly troubled by all the attention- NOT.
 Having a seat and listening to the Judge ask if we were sure about this boy.
 Yes, sir. We are so very sure.  It is interesting all that happens up to this point,for the final deal to be very short and sweet.  Then lots of tears, when the Judge called it done.
 He asked for any last words and I could only say, "Thank you Lord!" He said that would do.
They have lots of stuffed animals in family court.  Giddy-up chose Turdeman (Ferdinand) the Bull as his keepsake.
 Then a second breakfast celebration.
What can I say- precious.  

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  1. Oh this is just wonderful! I am so happy for all of you! I especially love that last picture -- matching shirts and matching smiles! This is a wonderful thing. He is so lucky to have a family to love him -- and you are all so lucky to be getting his love! I wish more families would adopt and that the process could somehow be easier, too.