Saturday, July 3, 2010

On the Blog Again

Handy Man Poppins and Missy Bugg feeding and loving on Pap's Girl.

Well, today was the day. I couldn't stand it any longer. 1st Lt., Ceece and a friend suggested I replace my old PC with an Apple. I decided to take their word for it and bought the one on which I'm now writing today.
As suspected, I had no luck in accessing the Internet, but Ceece was able to save me and here we are. I have some back tracking to do with a few piks of playdates and our vacation, but I wanted to practice my skill at getting piks off my camera and onto this new toy.
Michael and Rae-rae needed eggs and 1st Lt. and Ceece came out to see my I-Mac. I was telling them how much the chickie girls enjoy an evening snack of Japanese Beetles. That seemed to kick-off a "Feed the Chickie Girl Fest." Let's see if I can show you.

I just keep the Gramerlings on Fridays. Bean informed me last week that the next Friday would be his beloved Lambie's birthday. So, we celebrated. See Lambie blowing out his candles.

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