Sunday, July 18, 2010


Friday was Bean's turn to spend the night. I took him and Raina to the science center all evening. On Saturday morning he and I gloved up and headed to Cluckingham Palace with shovel for me and scraper for him in tow.
All the compost piles now have fresh fuel.
I have hatched chicks myself, had them sent through the mail, but this is our first experience watching Mama do her job. As expected, it was love at first sight for Bean and this little one. He knows the fate of chickies who become roosters. He said, "Oh, I hope that yellow one is a girl, cause I'm going to name her "Sweetie."
Yellow Chick Awesome's feathers stay fluffed out in back all the time she has the babies out for a stroll. I don't know if it's a warning-"Keep your distance people!" It could be so they see her easily and can fly under fast.

I brought them some tasty treats after cooking and cleaning out the frig yesterday. I was surprised that she came out to see what I'd brought. She inhaled a berry then ran right back to the babies. I gathered up a couple of pieces, some egg shell and a little piece of stale cornbread, and took them into the coop for her. She would pluck off a piece of the bread then make some chickie girl noise and all the babies would peck it from her beak. This went on for sometime. Then she grabbed the egg shell and made a different noise and babies never attempted to take it from her. I thought that was so interesting.

When snacking and strolling is finished, she digs down into the pine chips, fluffs up and they disappear underneath her.
God surely created an amazing world!

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