Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Battle at Parisville

There was lots of excitement firing up the deep dark forest in a Civil War Battle today. Ol' Mother Hubbard's friend's L and L did a wonderful job dressing wounds, and passing around drinks. Miss Charlotte and her kiddos were such a great help as well. I was very surprised by the intense activity and shooting by my sweet little princesses. Ev was a great pretender and fell mortally wounded each time he was shot, much to my girlie soldier's delight.
Antebellie is down and being transported in a litter fashioned by Auntie G-Lou and Pap.
Now Miss Bugg has fallen and Raina, Ev and Miss Linnee are hauling her to the first aid station.
The enemy is in hot pursuit as An-dee flees with the princess soldiers.
Lots of head wounds and broken bones.

Did you know Rambo was just a baby in the Civil War?

Cutest Civil War Babies- my heart. Bean really put forth a good effort, but he has been a little under the weather, and wasn't feeling too hot today. Um, well, he was feeling hot. It was an oven. He wasn't too perky though. I spent about forty-five minutes swinging him at the end of the day.
You might want to play "Count the Bandages" as there were a heap of them in use today.

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  1. I am just dying at the pictures. I'm so glad everyone was a good sport!